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Uncommon Descent’s “Special Audience”

Uncommon Descent is William Dembski’s blog. (Dembski, one of the princes of intelligent design propaganda). The target audience of his blog is “special”. What I mean by that is that Dembski and his guest bloggers stick to a script – a political / religious / social message – and the commetors lap it up like starving puppies. The “puppies” stick to their own script too, but they do it out of ignorance, stupidity, and laziness. Let’s look at an example. Continue reading


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Creationism For Dummies. Politics For Fools.

The toothy brute in the picture above is an extinct prehistoric fish called a Placoderm, from the genus Dunkleosteus, which dates back to the late Devonian Period, over 360 million years ago. They reached a length of about 30 feet. Now that’s scary! Continue reading


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