Creationism For Dummies. Politics For Fools.

The toothy brute in the picture above is an extinct prehistoric fish called a Placoderm, from the genus Dunkleosteus, which dates back to the late Devonian Period, over 360 million years ago. They reached a length of about 30 feet. Now that’s scary!

The reason I mention the “Dunkleo” is that I wish I had one as a pet. Really. I’d name him “Flipper”, purely for the irony, and I’d let him feed on superfluous politicians. (Are there any other kind?) Of course, there’s the problem of getting the self-servering gits into the same water as “Flipper”, but that’s easily solved by luring them into the ocean with the promise of a sizable campaign contribution. Anyway, my point is that all politicians are pandering sycophants, unless proven otherwise.

Take the kowtowing to religious groups in the current presidential race. Huckabee, Brownback, and McCain all had to throw a bone to the creationists during one of the Republican debates. McCain played the intelligent design card, while the other two goobers rejected the science of evolution outright.

Creationist groups love to portray evolution as if it it were a political position. They lump it into the same liberal category as abortion, socialism, and gay marriage. So, it’s no wonder conservative politicians tiptoe around the subject by speaking of it as if it were a belief system and not an established science based on gobs of evidence.

It’s just tragic that the leaders who are supposed to represent us in Washinton D.C., and to guide us towards a brighter future, are pandering to the most ingnorant among us. Instead of leading by example, the politicians are following the voters like a carrot on a string. The religious groups say jump and the canidates ask how high. They’re just natural born suck-ups. Now, how about the canidates take a swim with an ugly 30 foot dolphin? What a photo op that would be. The ulimate Jaws movie. Just don’t spit them up, “Flipper”. Chew your food slowly, and savor every bite. I will.

P.S. – No presidential canidates were threatened in the writing of this blog. So, there’s no need for the Secret Service to get involved.


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3 responses to “Creationism For Dummies. Politics For Fools.

  1. Jasmine

    what do u know about the Cambrian period?

  2. thedarwinreport

    Why do you ask?

  3. S Layne

    You are extremely dogmatic. How much research have you conducted into the scientific harmony of a creative event with known science today. Doubtfully much considering your position. Science today is far more condemnatory of the concepts of both macro and micro evolution then the idea of an intelligent beginning. It never ceases to amaze me the numbers of those claiming to be intelligent and scientific who refer to the “gobs of evidence” when in fact there is so little these same ones never actually list the evidence.

    As it turns out the” evidence” turns out to be blind acceptance of another scientist’s claims. Which smacks more of blind religion? The acceptance that the vast and complex universe had a designer of the almost sycophancy acceptance of a colleagues unproven conclusions?

    By the way, your spelling is terrible.

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