Sir David Attenborough Talks God & Creation

Over the years, as we have watched David Attenborough in action, presenting his great nature documentaries, we have always thought him to be sincere and to the point. Well, he’s just as upfront and honest when discussing his lack of religious beliefs. Now, being an atheist certainly isn’t mandatory if you are a Darwinist. But the reality is that religion has no special immunity from rational scrutiny. If scientific analysis can be applied to the world, why not to religious beliefs? For thousands of years humans answered scientific questions with religious methodology. There’s really no reason not to turn the tables, and place religion under the microscope. It’s only fair.           


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9 responses to “Sir David Attenborough Talks God & Creation

  1. I find it very interesting the number of times he talks about what he believes or finds hard to believe. It sounds like his own religion.

    Logic doesn’t really prove anything.

    We have a long way to go to really understand what’s happening and why. We’re at the beginning not the end. I’m with the people who vote for a little patients.

  2. MarcusA

    You are correct, logic by itself doesn’t “prove anything”. It’s a tool, a sieve, through which to pass ideas. And the scientific mind set is always at “the beginning”. New evidence brings new insight. But that doesn’t prevent reasonable people from making reasonable conclusions.

    As an atheist, I would change my mind about a god if strong evidence existed. In contrast, I doubt many believers would change their minds, because their belief is based in faith, not evidence.

  3. When I think of a lot of rational explanations and use of logic, I’m reminder of an H.L. Menchen quote, “For every complex problem there is a simple solution, and it’s always wrong.”

    I really don’t care about people’s personal beliefs but it seems atheists do. Ironically, I never read anything about agnostics getting involved. Maybe they’re the ones who leave others alone.

  4. MarcusA

    “Maybe they’re the ones who leave others alone.”

    I don’t know of any atheists who are harassing believers. Do atheists go door-to-door calling people sinners? Public religion isn’t free from criticism, but private religion should be. Perhaps believers should be more private if they don’t want their beliefs questioned.

  5. Atheists are very active in trying to pull religion out of public life. By the way, do you actually know who goes door to door and who doesn’t? Clue, it’s not Catholics.

  6. MarcusA

    Removing religion from a publicly funded square is not the same as removing it from public life. I don’t care if my neighbor decorates his house with a giant neon Jesus at Christmas. But if he insists on placing said Jesus on top of city hall, then there’s going to be a problem.

  7. There are limits on giant neons Jesuses. Try putting one up and see what happens.

  8. thedarwinreport

    Zoning laws vary. But no one here is complaining about the neighbor’s Nativity scene. Just no baby Jesus on the town hall. Isn’t that reasonable?

  9. I was brought up as a Christian and educated at a secular school and university. I’m happy to conclude that neither doctrine has all the answers and that the Grand Unifying Theory that scientists are hoping for (to console gravity and quantum physics) may well turn out to contain a degree of spirituality.

    I think the main problem people have when they envisage science and religion is that they think God is a Zeus-like figure sitting on a cloud hurling thunderbolts. God is not male or female (has no need for genitals) is omnipresent (no need for a body) and so is best likened to an invisible, imperceptible force – something scientists of the Hawkin genre are very familiar with.

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