Vote For Huckabee, The Ignorant Troglodyte

Watch the video. It’s horribly sad and terrifying. And it’s set in the 21st century. Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, who’s actually leading the republican polls, equated believing in evolution with godlessness. Isn’t that a slap in the face of all those who accept modern science and believe in a god? Not that they don’t need slapping. Ha Ha. And wasn’t citizen Huckabee clever when he dodged the question about the age of the Earth? Obviously, he didn’t want to offend the young-Earth creationists and their delicate sensibilities. Not that they don’t need offending.

We’ve decided. We dislike Huckabee, a lot. Many people call him charming and sincere. However, we don’t care about such shallow qualifications. He’s a major hypocrite. He’s happy to use his faith as a campaign tool, but he finds a question on evolution inappropriate. He said:

It’s interesting that that questions would even be asked of someone running for president. I’m not planning on writing the curriculum for an 8th grade science book. I’m asking for the opportunity to be president of the United States.

As a college graduate, if he cannot make a contribution to an 8th grade science text, he’s simply not qualified to be president of the United States. Come on, it’s the 8th grade. We’re also pretty sure that if one of Huckabee’s fellow candidates were an atheist, he would make their lack of faith a disqualifying point. He wants candidates vetted for belief in god, but not belief in science. Such unabashed and shameless creationism stinks of cynicism and callowness.

Many politicians have their fingers on the pulse of America 24/7. What the majority of Americans believe, they believe. They’re mindless opportunists. If Huckabee is a spineless self-seeker, that’s a good reason not to vote for him. On the other hand, if he really believes what he says about evolution, then he’s an anti-intellectual troglodyte, a great reason not to vote for him. His comments on Creation speak volumes:

How did he do it, when did he do it, and how long did he take? I don’t honestly know.

He did it, and that’s what’s important.

Spreading the seeds of apathy is characteristic of the creationist mentality. Don’t ask burdensome questions, just believe. A fine message to be sending to the youth of America. Just what we need, another President who prefers not to ask questions. We get the feeling Huckabee isn’t a big reader either.

From the way he mispronounced the the word “primate”, we think he’s a sincere creationist. We also think he would set America’s educational standards back even farther than they already are, if he were elected. Every time the leadership in Washington even tacitly supports creationism, wackos all over the US take that as a starting signal for their movement to force intelligent design creationism or regular old creationism into the public schools. It’s also pressure for biology teachers to water down the evolution curriculum. A vote for Huckabee is a step backwards in time, to the Dark Ages.



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5 responses to “Vote For Huckabee, The Ignorant Troglodyte

  1. lpkalal

    Calling someone an ignorant troglodyte doesn’t seem too evolved, if you ask me.

  2. thedarwinreport

    “Calling someone an ignorant troglodyte doesn’t seem too evolved, if you ask me.”

    Miss the point much? Willfully spreading the ignorance of creationism certainly isn’t “evolved” for a president, considering almost 200 years of scientific investigation. And good manners have nothing to do with the validity of an entire science.

  3. kip

    I’m sorry, I think calling this disgusting idiot an ignorant troglodyte is being too kind.

  4. It’s fine with me if he believes in God or not, just as long as he’s not imposing it on me. Having faith doesn’t make you wrong and believing in science doesn’t make you right. This is a never ending debate. A president cannot change the thousands of years of religious faith, nor can a person rewrite science. What’s really important is how he handles the issues that we are faced with today. I don’t agree with any person 100%, but I do my best to work with them and get the most of them, “keeping the bridges open.”Also, I don’t think calling people name is going to help with anything, especially if you are a college graduate! It makes the person doing the name calling seem uneducated, self centered, and closed-minded.

  5. If being a troglodyte is so ignorant, why is it so hard to spell?

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