Creationist Stabs Young Scientist To Death


Here’s a picture of real human blood from a real crime scene (not related to this story), so we can all better imagine the murder of a human being.

The news story is from New South Wales, Australia, where an irrational creationist (as if there were any other kind) decided to stab to death a young biomedical student with whom he had been arguing about evolution. The Christian Fundamentalist, Alexander York, aged 33, had been engaged in a heated debate with the scientist, Rudi Boa, aged 28, and his girlfriend, Gillian Brown.

You always know you’ve won an argument when the other side picks up a weapon. The only problem is that they now want to hurt you.

Some scientists, like Richard Dawkins, don’t see any value in debating creationists. I guess they don’t want to debate creationists for the same reason they don’t want to debate rabid monkeys.


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5 responses to “Creationist Stabs Young Scientist To Death

  1. I think you’re being a bit unfair. The guy was only found guilty of manslaughter, not murder, so it wasn’t like they were arguing and then he picked up a knife and stabbed him. In fact the story doesn’t even imply that the argument was the cause of the stabbing. Just that they had had a row beforehand.

  2. thedarwinreport

    We took the trouble to read much of the news coverage of this story before making our blog post.

    You are correct, he was not convicted of murder. But we think it’s fair to call it murder, since the defendant is the one who wielded the knife in anger. He stabbed an unarmed man to death.

    If it was truly self-defence he probably would have been found innocent. Obviously, the court didn’t completely believe his version of events.

    And most of the news coverage does state that the argument in the pub over evolution and creation led to the later confrontation at the campsite.

    Either way a sentence of 5 years is too short for a stabbing death.

  3. Stuart

    5 years is a farce; a human life is not worth that little – whatever happened to ‘thou shalt not kill’; I guess a rain-check on that one for an unbeliever.

  4. this is some crazy shit

  5. Kitty

    Mmmm. Have you ever noticed in cases such as these, it’s almost always the creationist that gets pissy? I mean there’s nothing wrong with people thinking some magic force poofed us here, but it seems they always silence them, like they start to think against what they are told…

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