Noah’s Ark Discovered

Poor Mike Rowe, from the Discovery Channel show Dirty Jobs, had an early career hawking objet d’art on QVC. Like a skilled urban archaeologist, he deftly describes his find – the Ark of Noah. Except his Ark is a small garish highly-overpriced tote bag.

And check out the name on the side of that sturdy craft, it’s called the S.S. Noah. SS stands for steam ship. So here we have strong evidence that Noah’s Ark was self-propelled. I guess the Ark wasn’t thrust upon Mount Ararat by God, it was sailed there by Noah. He should have settled on Hawaii, the fool. Anyway, this is quality evidence in favor of the Biblical Flood, so we best keep it to ourselves or the creationists might use it. It’s better than anything they currently have.

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One response to “Noah’s Ark Discovered

  1. BigBanger

    Your limited biblical knowledge is peeking through. The Ark is not on Mount Ararat proper, it is on the “MountainS of Ararat” plural, depicting somewhere in a mountain range.
    When you try to demean something you know little about aside from heresay, it is apparent.

    Apparently you missed the humor in the QVC ad?
    Or is it just another good oportunity to express your faith?
    By the way, have you ever heard Mike Rowe sing?

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