What Is Intelligent Design?

She’s short and sweet, and so is her comment on intelligent design. When thoughtful parents have their children perform for the camera, it’s often funny and cute. In contrast, when religious and fanatical parents have their children perform for the camera, it’s often blatant indoctrination, and just plain scary.



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5 responses to “What Is Intelligent Design?

  1. grammarking

    Kids say the funniest things… and TAG!

    The 123 Rules:

    1. Pick up the book nearest you with at least 123 pages. (No cheating!)
    2. Turn to page 123.
    3. Count the first five sentences.
    4. Post the next three sentences.
    5. Tag five other bloggers.

  2. skelliot

    Worst case I have seen is the westboro church “god hates the world” music video.

    I was actually upset at the end when a little girl sang “god hates the world”. How can they teach these innocent little kids that “gays are evil” and that “the apocalypses is coming because of all these “bad” people”.

    Another thing that made me sick was the fact that some of these (and I hate to use this word) retards would actually find this cute. I can see it now, a bunch of Westboro Baptists watching the video on youtube then “awww-ing” when the little girl spits complete disgusting hatred.


  3. SoD

    Indeed in this world … Intelligent Design has faltered … but because the beautiful and shinning crystal glass was shattered when it fell to the floor … doesn’t mean it’s Superior Design didn’t exist before it’s fragments were disarranged …

    Knowing that the We of an Intelligent Mind Soul, are Beings of a ‘’Complex Designed Circuitry of Intelligent Energy’ .. and knowing that Soul is that ghost-like Energy which engulfs the Mind at all times …. and knowing that the Spirit is but the accelerated state of any energy … I am comfortable rooted in the knowledge that we were brought into existence by the Master Creator …

    We are product of the Master Creator …. A ‘’Living Entity of ‘Charged Plasma Energy’ … a Being of the greatest intelligence known and unknown …. One who did create and do hold firm the very Designed Foundation of all Worlds created … that same One who sit in Highest position of all Her Creations of 9 Universal Planes … and who in doing so established each upper and lower Planes Inner 4 Dimensional Levels … all of which are held in placed by the stabilizing accomplishments of Quantum Frequencies ….

    Of such A Creator is said …. if Her Changed Physical Form of a Shiny Black Shape Shifting Mass of Plasma unto a Voltage Form of Lightening, were to step down from Her hidden Place there in the First Dimensional Level of the First Universal Plane …. and were to take journey through our known universe of expanded darkness … Her appearance would stand as a Five Figurative Form of Blue Lightening …. taller than any known Nebula …. and that spiraling galaxies would be as tiny lily pads coupling each Her every gigantic Footsteps …. and that each lily pad of a galaxy, would buckle to fall in scattered debris at Her passing … So Knowing what I am sure of … there is no need to debate rather or not the We of Intelligent Mind Souls were Designed or a mishap of evolutionized procedures of natural developments … I stand In full knowledge of my Creator … I am just an Old Sold passing through, with something important to say ….…

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  4. You, my friend, are bat shit crazy.

    That is all that needs to be said.


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