Richard Dawkins Brings Some Rational Thought

A clip from “Richard Dawkins: Break The Science Barrier”

Americans need a mega-dose of rational thought. Why? Here are several reasons. The fact that psychic Sylvia Brown is allowed on TV. Oprah Winfrey recently did a show on “The Secret” and the “Rule of Attraction”, the incredulous belief system that wishing for a good thing makes its happen. I wish I lived on Bora Bora Island. Larry King recently did a show on UFO’s. The panel consisted of several UFO “experts” and one skeptic, Michael Shermer.  A scary poll from Florida indicates that 50% of Floridians want only Biblical Creationism or Intelligent Design taught in schools. Americans are sinking in post-modernistic belief and religious credulity. Basically, we are a society of anti-intellectual saps. And that’s dangerous, being that we are the superpower of the world.

We all need a shower in rational thought. So, watch Richard Dawkins’ video. After growing up on the mind numbing American media, it’s like sliding into a warm bath. Ahhhhhh! That’s much better.

Check out the rest of “Break the Science Barrier” on YouTube or watch it in three parts at Google Video.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Rational People Unite!


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6 responses to “Richard Dawkins Brings Some Rational Thought

  1. skelliot

    Great post. But could you please clarify what you mean by the word “post-modernistic”. As far as I understand it has no meaning what so ever except “after modern” when in the context of architecture.

    I’m sorry but it’s a pet peeve of mine when people use that word.


  2. thedarwinreport

    “Great post. But could you please clarify what you mean by the word ‘post-modernistic’.”

    Thanks Skelliot. I’m, of course, using the term ‘post-modern’ in a philosophical sense. But your objection is valid. Many people hate it when the architectural term is misapplied. But hey, I’m just following the trend.

    Biologist Edward Wilson, in his book “Consilience” wrote, “… radical post-modernists think we can know nothing”. Basically, post-modernism is the belief that reality is a state constructed by the mind, that reality cannot be perceived, and that every viewpoint is as valid as the next.

    Creationism has a lot in common with post-modernism; creationists hate the process of science, which investigates reality.

  3. skelliot

    I recently had a drunken discussion with a girl who probably fell under this banner. Was pretty frustrating at times because she didn’t understand that at some point we have to accept reality to function as humans.

    Again, sorry to be so anal about it, I love your blog.

  4. David

    Why do you say creationists hate the process of science? What part(s) of the process are you referring to? The process seems OK if it is strictly adhered to, the problem begins when the process is abandoned and leaps are taken and called science when in fact it’s a leap of faith. It has limits which many do not or fail to admit.

  5. Hey Darwinreport.

    I was just thinking about this same topic today and I think a better name to use, rather than post-modernism, would be Existentialism. I’m pretty sure this is the name of what you are talking about.

    @David, What leaps of faith are you referring to? Creationists and IDers seem to pick and choose their science.

  6. thedarwinreport

    Hi Skelliot,

    Post-modernism is really the rejection of the idea that there is an absolute truth to be found.

    Existentialism is the idea that human existence creates consciousness, that humans have free-will, and that humans must battle against their individual natures.

    The difference is that Post-modernists emphasize the consciousness and argue against an external reality, while Existentialists argue that as humans we have a free-will, which we can use to struggle against an external reality.

    Post-modernism was partly influenced by Existentialism, but overall they are different philosophies.

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