Making Fun Of Religion. Will It Send Me To Hell?

I like the humor, but I disagree with including atheism in a list of shitty religions. It’s not a religion. This is why atheists argue so much amongst themselves. Freethinking is just that, free. And come to think of it, Taoism and Buddhism shouldn’t be in there either. Meditating and contemplating your place in the universe isn’t religious, it’s spiritual. Uh Oh, they forgot to add Agnosticism.

Agnosticism: Is that shit on my shoe or not? I’m just not sure.




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9 responses to “Making Fun Of Religion. Will It Send Me To Hell?

  1. texasheartland

    I don’t think it’ll send you to hell. It was kinda funny!

  2. thedarwinreport

    I’m an atheist, so I don’t think it will send me to hell either.

  3. texasheartland

    Then you have nothing to worry about.

  4. Secular

    Atheism is a religion, not a well orginized one, but it is a religion none the less. there is a binding theological principal, the belief that there is not a god, making it a religion. There are expanded shit lists that include agnosticism if you are looking for it.

    Also nearly all practicing Buddhists consider it their religion, understandable givin buddhism’s roots in Hinduism. You must remember buddhists share the hindu pantheon, they’ve simply decided to cease veneration of those gods in lieu of a more direct path of enlightenment.

  5. Secular

    oh and unless the muslims or hindi are right you won’t be going to hell, as they are the only currently practiced religions with hells. [of which i am aware]

  6. Not Ewe

    Catholicism believes in Hell. Have you ever heard of the Bible? You should try reading it sometime. There are a lot of good fairy tales in there.

  7. i already got a first class ticket to hell, why not enjoy the rife down?

  8. victor

    May god punish u for ur terrible blasphemy! May he send some Jehovah’s witnesses to ur house every time u r sleeping or having sex!

  9. Hay

    lol this is hilarious!!!!

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