Michael Medved Is A Tool

Over at scienceblogs.com biologist PZ Myers has dumbo Michael Medved in a headlock for commenting on “American DNA” and race, two subjects Medved, obviously, knows nothing about.

Well, I dug through Medved’s archives and found this piece of garbage.

Actually, there’s little chance that atheists will succeed in placing one of their own in the White House at any time in the foreseeable future, and it continues to make powerful sense for voters to shun potential presidents who deny the existence of God. An atheist may be a good person, a good politician, a good family man (or woman), and even a good patriot, but a publicly proclaimed non-believer as president would, for three reasons, be bad for the country.

Chances are that we have already had an atheist president. American politicians bow to religion only out of self-preservation and politeness, anyway. Clinton was seen carrying a bible around at the same time he was in trouble over Monica. George Bush likes to be seen as a religious man, but we all know his actions contradict most Christian tenets.

Abraham Lincoln was a very non-religious man. And George Washington at one point vowed never to attend church again. The founding fathers were mostly deists, which is one step from being atheistic. But who knows what their personal beliefs really were? Atheist was a dirty (dirtier) word back then.

If we read between the lines, what Medved is really saying is that only Christians should be elected to office. The problem is that religious people lie for their faith, and politicians lie to keep their asses in office. Besides, an atheist president couldn’t be any worse than Bush the Christian.


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4 responses to “Michael Medved Is A Tool

  1. j

    >>what Medved is really saying is that only Christians should be elected to office<<

    Actually, Medved is Jewish, so it's unlikely that's what he meant.

  2. thedarwinreport

    I’ve heard many of Medved’s little rants in which he condemns the way Catholic and Protestant clergy are depicted negatively in Hollywood. He publicly identifies with Christian conservative values and embraces the so-called Judeo-Christian right. He may not have meant Christian, but he certainly meant someone who believes in the God of the bible.

  3. Last Sane Man, CA

    “The founding fathers were mostly deists, which is one step from being atheistic.” If by mostly, you mean two or three, yes. Based on what I know from history, the vast majority of our Founders were highly religious. Even Benjamin Franklin offered prayer before the Constitutional Convention and Jefferson praised God, if not organized religion. Thomas Paine was the only real deist, and he was mostly reviled by the end of the American Revolution because of his radical support for the new French government.

  4. M.L.

    I think people who think Medved actually believes the right wing talking points he espouses publicly are naive. Medved most likely pretends to be a consvative for two reasons: (1) It is his meal ticket (2) He is a devout Jew and committed supporter of Israel and thinks that the right wing in the US is more supportive of Israel than the left. If Israel didn’t require the backing of the US for its security and Medved could maintain a career as a well paid leftist ‘pundit’ I suspect he’d be yelling is what he really thinks, which is probably the very same leftist politics he pretends to disdain.

    To me the dead giveaway (and there are many) is his pretending to be dubious of evolution. As a well educated good Jewish boy he knows damn well that evolution has been conclusively established; he’s just pandering to the ‘goyim’ because he thinks it’s “good for the Jews.”

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