Louisiana Flooded By Creationism, Public Education Dies

A bill, the Louisiana Science Education Act, which allows the teaching of creationism and other pseudoscientifc ideas in Louisiana’s public schools, has passed through the Louisiana Senate and is awaiting approval by the governor. Read the story.

Shockingly, the bill passed 36-0. Who knew politicians were so pathetically ignorant? Oh Wait. Everyone knew. The power of the bill lies in its vagueness:

[The bill] allows public school teachers to “supplement” their science textbooks with materials of their choosing – leaving a gaping hole for, say, religious or intelligent design content to walk right through.

The creationists failed to stop public schools from teaching evolution, so their new plan is to throw garbage at the students. This way everything stinks. It all has a post-modernistic smell; make creationism and evolution seem equal in the public eye. The bill’s supporters claim:

… the bill is designed to promote critical thinking, strengthen education and help teachers who are confused about what’s acceptable for science classes.

Would they be open to teaching other religions’ creation stories in public schools? I somehow doubt it. How about sorcery and witchcraft? Some religious wackos have insisted on a ban of the Harry Potter books. But why not teach them along side the bible “to promote critical thinking”.   

The bill is a doorway to chaos. Teachers sympathetic to creationism are going to present both creation and evolution, but one more than the other. There’s nothing to stop them from emphasizing creationism. The bill specifically mentions creationism, global warming, and cloning (a.k.a. abortion), three subjects ultraconservative Christians often have a problem with. 

Will the governor sign the bill? More on that at the National Center for Science Education’s website.



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6 responses to “Louisiana Flooded By Creationism, Public Education Dies

  1. Sirius

    Hooray for democracy!

    -Sirius Knotts

  2. I challenge anyone to challenge Ken Ham to a public debate about Darwinism, or any other aspect of evolution. Call him and arrange the challenge. He would love it.

  3. thedarwinreport

    To Tony Whelan,

    When are creationists going to get it through their insulated skulls that science and personal belief are not the same thing? A debate is not a tool scientists use to further their understanding of the natural world. A debate is something politicians use to sway people.

    The reason Ken Ham wants to debate “Darwinists” is the same reason porn stars have an annual, “Oscar-like”, awards show. Ham wants the public to think of creationism as being on an equal footing with science. Standing on a stage with a legitimate scientist would give Ham the bona fides he is looking for, but does not deserve.

    Any scientifically educated person can see from Ken Ham’s website that he is not interested in truth, only the appearance of truth.

  4. Sirius


    We creationists do actually know that science and personal [or even religious] belief are not the same thing. It’s you darwinists who get confused that your beliefs concerning origins constitute science.

    You ARE right about one thing: Debates arepublic forums for changing opinions. They allow the public to see the strengths and weaknesses of any particular subject of debate.

    I think you guys know this all-too-well and you’d like to keep yourselves from getting repeated and rather obvious public spanking from creationists [who actually know their subject] and thereby lose your street cred. Your cowardice in this arena is encouraging. You guys are like washed up boxing champs who refuse any fight which might pose a challenge.

    I would venture to say that, God willing, a creationist janitor could ably and consistently deliver a debate spanking to the most educated idiot you darwinists could dream up. But we don’t want to humiliate you THAT bad. We’re offering on of our brightest and best so that you won’t look so bad when you lose.

    Keep hiding behind bad rhetoric and excuses.

    We’ll keep pushing the truth.

    –Sirius Knott

  5. thedarwinreport

    To Sirius,

    Glad to see you ignored everything I said. You apparently don’t understand the difference between science and personal opinion.

    Do you actually think scientists, of any sort, get together and debate each other like rhetoric-filled politicians about whether or not a theory is worth the time of day? Do you think the volume of audience applause in such a case dictates the winner? Popularity has nothing to do with it, otherwise Charles Darwin would have been shouted down in 1859, when the vast majority of scientists were creationists. The evidence is what counts.

    All these so-called creationism vs. evolution debates follow the same pattern. A creationist arranges a debate at a public university. The faculty feels forced to participate. The creationist packs the audience with Jesus freaks, literally busing them in for the event. The bias audience declares the creationist the winner. What has been accomplished exactly, other than the spreading of propaganda?

    Why don’t you creationists participate in the arena of real science instead of the circus of public opinion? Knocking down evolution isn’t an argument in favor of creation. You still need to gather your own evidence and present your own theories. By what method did god create the universe? How? When? Where? Why? How do propose to analyze the supernatural? Where’s the data?

  6. thedarwinreport

    To Sirius

    By your logic, Sirius, if a crowd of people thought DNA to be unconvincing as the code of life (or quantum physics), then we would have to declare science wrong on this point.

    The fact that you think scientific facts are decided by public opinion leads me to believe there is no distinction in your mind between your personal belief and an objective reality. You think the world is so, therefore it is so. You should try conforming your views to the real world instead of the other way round.

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