The Lone Skeptic

Watch the video and try to spot the skeptic.

America has decayed into a state of gullibility. Example, CNN’s Larry King now dedicates many of his shows to subjects like the paranormal and UFO’s. Recently, he interviewed half a dozen UFO “witnesses” and “experts”, and one lone skeptic, Dr. Seth Shostak, an astronomer from SETI. For most of the show, Larry King followed his standard format; he asked a softball question and then allowed the guests to ramble on, except the skeptic, who was kept in reserve most of the time. Also, the show was an hour long, but Dr. Seth Shostak was only on for the first thirty minutes. Of course, CNN has a history of stupidity.

I remember once when that Southern dumbell Nancy Grace (Headline News) sat in for Larry King. Her topic was ghosts and spirits. What particularlly disturbed me was when she grasped for the word “skeptic” but instead came out with the word “cynic”. Is anyone who withholds their approval or questions the validity of something being cynical? Sadly, Nancy Grace is not the only one to conflate the meaning of the two words. Overall this phenomena has the stench of religion behind it. In a nation slathered in syrupy Christianity, how can believers not project their hostility on to non-believers, be they atheists or skeptics.

Cable television is drowning in shows that require one to believe and not to think: Ghost Hunters (Sci Fi Channel), Paranormal State (A&E Television), Psychic Kids (A&E), A Haunting (Discovery Channel), MonsterQuest (The History Channel), etc. The History Channel, in particular, is a flagrant offender with shows covering everything from the Loch Ness Monster and Nostradamus to the psychology of Batman and the mythology of Star Wars. For many years, at Easter time, the History Channel actually aired the mini-series Jesus of Nazareth. It also aired Planet of the Apes as a Saturday night movie. How is any of this history or science?

I couldn’t help laughing at a recent MonsterQuest episode about Bigfoot. A member of an all female expedition actually said that Bigfoot prefers woman over men because of their softer more lyrical voices. I say Bigfoot prefers not to watch television.


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4 responses to “The Lone Skeptic

  1. Is it okay with you if those of us with abduction experiences are allowed to go on believing in our own personal experiences or would that also be stupidity?

  2. thedarwinreport

    Thanks for the comment, Atrueoriginall

    The point of the post isn’t to discredit belief in UFO’s or the paranormal. As far as I know, you may well have been abducted. I cannot prove or disprove your personal experience. But does that mean I can’t question it?

    The point is that the media discourages critical thinking while it encourages belief and faith. If a bank offered you 100% interest on an investment, wouldn’t you want to know the details? If the President said we must go to war, wouldn’t you want to know why?

  3. Try this documentary, “Eyes In The Dark: The Sasquatch Experience” you can get it at

  4. thedarwinreport

    Thanks for the recommendation, HotToddy.

    If “Eyes In The Dark” is anything like other Bigfoot documentaries, with just eyewitness accounts and scant physical evidence, then I probably won’t watch it.

    It seems that the more people see a Bigfoot, the more elusive and shy Bigfoots becomes. Biologists are able to track down the rarest of creatures, but they cannot find a Bigfoot. The huge number of sightings doesn’t fit with the rarity of the actual creatures. If so many people have really encountered a Bigfoot, then Bigfoots should be easy to find.

    Is the plural of Bigfoot, Bigfeet or Bigfoots?

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