The Montauk Monster Eats Human Brains For Lunch

It looks like the mystery of the Montauk Monster is solved. It’s a decomposing raccoon with missing teeth and missing fur. But what’s fascinating about the story of the monster is that it inspired such imaginative stories and outrageous speculation.

What is it in our human minds that makes us choose the unknown over the known. Why do some of us reject reasonable explanations for fantastical ones? For example, the media and the public automatically assumed the creature washed up on the beach, that it had an aquatic origin, not a terrestrial one. Which one is more reasonable? It’s clearly a mammal. And raccoons do love the seashore and seafood.

And minds leaped to the conclusion that the Montauk Monster was a creature completely unknown to science. Why didn’t the same minds consider the possibility that the “creature” was just unknown to them, and not to science. Not all of us are experts on anatomy and the decay of animal remains. Why can’t we just admit ignorance, instead of grasping at straws?

When a reasonable explanation isn’t immediately available our minds seem to reach for the stars.


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6 responses to “The Montauk Monster Eats Human Brains For Lunch

  1. Initially, when I saw this photo I thought it was a photoshop job. I’m glad it has been debunked quickly though. No doubt in 10 years this picture will surface again and people will forget it was debunked.


  2. thedarwinreport

    Hi Skelliot,

    At first I thought the face looked photoshopped, too. But after studying some raccoon anatomy, I agree with the debunkers. Not surprisingly, Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera was spreading the idea that the animal came from a research lab that’s not far from Montauk Beach. Animal expert Jeff Corwin was a guest on the show and he briefly mentioned the raccoon idea.

    I’m shocked that the media has been so gullible.

  3. Ah, Corwin. A very entertaining man.

    I was shocked too. We didn’t get any coverage here in Aus in the main stream media but there was plenty online.


  4. Radu Ionescu

    The actual title of the article really says it all. The Montauk Monster was nothing more than a decomposing racoon. Like the ridiculous Montauk Project, the Montauk Monster never even existed. The paranormal Montauk Monster called ‘Junior’ never existed either. In fact, the entire Montauk Project was nothing more that a gigantic lie invented by Preston Nichols and Stewart Swerdlow. At least Nichols had some sense of scientific coherence about him. However Stewart Swerdlow has always been a liar, a con artist, a fraud and a charlatan who Alfred Bielek knew had never been on the Montauk Project.

    If you go back to 1990 and 1991, that is when Preston Nichols began making up the Montauk Project rubbish. After Stewart Swerdlow got his criminal record in 1992, he reinvented himself as Swerdlow was not taken seriously on the New Age Circuit. The wannabe fantasist con man Swerdlow believes the Montauk Monster was real, even those hard science has proven otherwise. So much for Stewart Swerdlow being one of the world’s ‘foremost hyperspace intuitives’ then. What a load of mad old B.S. the monster and the project really were. Keep clear of the scam merchant Stewart Swerdlow and insane fantasy world.

  5. J.K. Leung

    The superhype that the Montauk Project has created since 1991 and 1992 is beyond a joke. Preston Nichols and Stewart Swerdlow are the two lying deceivers who kept ramping up the endless B.S. and disinformation concerning the Montauk Project. Now the fake Montauk Monster has been shown to be just another load of rubbish that wannabes and believers had hoped could be used to somehow justify the notion that Montauk Point is full of intrigue, and nothing could be further from the truth. Because the charlatan, liar and con artist Stewart Swerdlow has put out so much crappola on the Internet since 1998 concerning the Montauk Project, including fibs about genetic engineering of hybrids, Swerdlow was quite happy over at his and Janet’s Expansions website to promote the Montauk Monster as though it was factual. Swerdlow used that B.S. to promote his bogus reputation.

    When all of a sudden, the Montauk Monster was then exposed as another loads of lies, then Swerdlow the Swindler went rather quiet. Now I thought Stewart Swerdlow was supposed to be one of the world’s ‘foremost hyperspace intuitives’? So if Swerdlow really was some kind of hyperspatial clairvoyant, how come he could not tell the Montauk Monster was a fake? It reminds me how Swerdlow achieved a 100 percent failure rate in all of his predictions and how Swerdlow thought the CGI Swastika on the dark side of the Moon in the Finnish science fiction comedy about the Fourth Reich, called ‘Iron Sky’ was a secret NASA picture of a real Nazi base on the Moon. What a total con man and fraud Stewart Swerdlow really is. At least people are beginning to realize Swerdlow is a fake and a fantasist wannabe lunatic, and yes, Swerdlow believed the Montauk Monster was real.

  6. Hyeon Seojun

    What is so funny is that decomposing racoon is in many ways the exact definition of the Montauk Project. Which is, the Montauk Project pretended to be something it was not and was a big rotten lie all along. How anyone can believe the rubbish about the bogus Montauk Project, is beyond me. Although the dysfunctional and sexually perverted, homocentric deprogrammer Preston Nichols initiated the Montauk Project B.S, Stewart Swerdlow is the individual who has in reality solely responsible for defaming and bringing about the complete lack of credibility that now surrounds that conspiracy theory. Stewart Swerdlow is very easy to expose, once people do a bit of research into his wide range of ridiculous contradictions. Stewart Swerdlow states he was blind from 1970 to September 1999 and could only see in “swirls of energy”.

    1) If Stewart Swerdlow was blind until September 1999, how come at the Global Sciences Congress (GSC) in Daytona, Florida, in February 1999 he did not look or act blind in front of over 500 attendees?

    2) How could Swerdlow have written Montauk: The Alien Connection and had the book published in January 1998, if he could only see “swirls of energy”?

    3) If Stewart Swerdlow was blind until September 1999 how could he have worked at an food wholesale warehouse in Long Island in 1990 if he could only see “swirls of energy” and yet be working in a manual labour job?

    4) How could Swerdlow give video presentations that pre-dated September 1999, alongside public talks, where he is clearly looking at people and not walking round seeing “swirls of energy” in some kind of trance state?

    Duncan Roads, the Nexus Magazine editor was right all along about Stewart Swerdlow being nothing more than a wannabe, egocentric fantasist. When Duncan Roads watched the alteraction between Stewart Swerdlow and Alfred Bielek at the Global Sciences Congress (GSC), in Daytona, Florida, in February 1999, he realized Swerdlow was just there to invent his fake persona and promote himself. Stewart Swerdlow is a charlatan, a fake, a liar and con men of massive proportions, who has cleverly duped and hoodwinked people with his fake Montauk Project backstory since 1999. Swerdlow plagiarized the Language of Hyperspace information from his social worker, Maryanne Johnston, who was a blind, half German, half American Indian extraterrestrial experiencer.

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