The Montauk Monster Eats Human Brains For Lunch

It looks like the mystery of the Montauk Monster is solved. It’s a decomposing raccoon with missing teeth and missing fur. But what’s fascinating about the story of the monster is that it inspired such imaginative stories and outrageous speculation.

What is it in our human minds that makes us choose the unknown over the known. Why do some of us reject reasonable explanations for fantastical ones? For example, the media and the public automatically assumed the creature washed up on the beach, that it had an aquatic origin, not a terrestrial one. Which one is more reasonable? It’s clearly a mammal. And raccoons do love the seashore and seafood.

And minds leaped to the conclusion that the Montauk Monster was a creature completely unknown to science. Why didn’t the same minds consider the possibility that the “creature” was just unknown to them, and not to science. Not all of us are experts on anatomy and the decay of animal remains. Why can’t we just admit ignorance, instead of grasping at straws?

When a reasonable explanation isn’t immediately available our minds seem to reach for the stars.



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3 responses to “The Montauk Monster Eats Human Brains For Lunch

  1. Initially, when I saw this photo I thought it was a photoshop job. I’m glad it has been debunked quickly though. No doubt in 10 years this picture will surface again and people will forget it was debunked.


  2. thedarwinreport

    Hi Skelliot,

    At first I thought the face looked photoshopped, too. But after studying some raccoon anatomy, I agree with the debunkers. Not surprisingly, Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera was spreading the idea that the animal came from a research lab that’s not far from Montauk Beach. Animal expert Jeff Corwin was a guest on the show and he briefly mentioned the raccoon idea.

    I’m shocked that the media has been so gullible.

  3. Ah, Corwin. A very entertaining man.

    I was shocked too. We didn’t get any coverage here in Aus in the main stream media but there was plenty online.


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