Did America Dodge A Bullet On Election Day?

Maverick! Real America. Hockey Mom. Joe Six-Pack. Joe The Plumber. Executive Experience. Faith. Palling Around With Terrorists. Socialism. Number One Liberal. Sarah “Plain” Palin’s ignoble campaign can be summed up in a few catchy words. I’m just glad she won’t get the chance to speak any of them from the Oval Office. She probably would not have brought on the end of the world, but she would have destroyed my spirit. You Betcha!


A Fox News reporter on the Bill O’Reilly Show says Sarah Palin didn’t know Africa was a continent. But there’s no corroboration. Maybe she is that ignorant, but I think many Republicans want to shift all the blame for losing the White House over to her.


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5 responses to “Did America Dodge A Bullet On Election Day?

  1. We dodged a tank shell, thanks very much.


  2. “We dodged a tank shell, thanks very much.”

    Yes, we probably did. I’m scared of people like Sarah Palin who seem to take governmental responsibility so lightly. All I’ve seen for the past 8 years is George Bush’s stupid smirk.

  3. Yay for America, for once 😀 So proud of you guys…

  4. I’m very happy Obama got in. You Americans got something right for a change… ;p

    Oh, and I tagged you, TDR. Sorry, but it had to be done: http://informalskepticism.wordpress.com/2008/11/10/ugh-ive-been-tagged/

  5. thedarwinreport

    Mercy. I submit to your tagging, naotiotami. You win. America is now part of Australia. From now on it will be called “Down Over”.

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