PETA Is A Stupid Organization

I didn’t say animal rights are stupid. I said PETA is a stupid organization. Animal rights are great. It’s the anti-intellectual buffoons who run PETA who bother me. They make the rest of us liberals look bad. The main reason is that PETA members bend reality to fit their views instead of the other way round. PETA founder, Ingrid Newkirk, in order to spread the word about vegetarianism, has repeatedly made several baseless pseudo-scientific claims.

1) Newkirk claims meat and dairy cause most human diseases, from cancer to diabetes to mental illness. Aside from the complete lack of evidence for this belief, it’s funny that hundreds of thousands of years of natural selection hasn’t removed this harmful behavior from the human lineage. PETA’s “science” seems to indicate that the most sickly and poorly adapted animals survive to reproduce.

2) Newkirk has said many times that meat enhances human aggression. To back up this claim she points to wild carnivores like lions and tigers. The problem is she doesn’t know nature very well. Newkirk confuses aggression with killing. An animal that kills another animal to eat isn’t necessarily aggressive. Cheetahs, for example, like others cats, spend most of the day conserving energy, not picking fights with strangers down by the watering hole. Herbivores, like hippos or moose, are generally more aggressive than carnivores because they have more reasons to be aggressive, like holding grazing territory and warding off predators.

2) Newkirk advocates dogs and cats being converted to a vegetarian diet. I guess it’s not enough that Fluffy-The-Cat’s owner must subsist on berries and twigs, Fluffy must be converted to the same diet. Perhaps Fluffy can be convinced to join the Green Party, for if pet and owner eat the same, they must also vote the same. But I’ve read nothing but bad things about a vegetarian pet diet. For one, vegetarian cats and dogs can develop severe intestinal problems. Part of being a carnivore is having a shorter intestine than a herbivore. Meat is, in fact, easier to digest than plant matter. This is an engineering problem, one that cannot be overcome with wishful thinking.

Currently, PETA promotes the idea of In vitro meat, meat cultured in a lab from animal cells. PETA is even offering a $1 million prize to scientists to make this happen. I suppose all the health problems attributed to meat eating by PETA are going to be removed from this laboratory grade stuff. Yes? No? Maybe?


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92 responses to “PETA Is A Stupid Organization

  1. Mad Bluebird

    Ingrid Newkirk is as stupid as they come her brains must have srunk down to pea sized to go around blabbering that idiotic poppycock she is constantly blabbering

  2. Dylan

    you know what fuck you animal-haters.

    go PETA!!!!! =]]

  3. thedarwinreport

    PETA has done nothing but harm the reputation of real animal lovers. Newkirk makes all liberals look like sun-tea drinking, pot smoking, fairy dust dreaming, pseudo-scientific, noodle heads. And anyone who wants to turn their cat or dog into a vegetarian is a complete idiot, who cares little for the health of the animal.

  4. Mad Bluebird

    PETA calls hunters stupid but hunters know a heck of a loy more about animals then a bunch of flatlander stupidheads whos only view of wildlife come from watching BAMBI,OPEN SEASON or something they watch on the DISNEY CHANNEL

  5. Cosmic Condor

    PETA are a bunch of blabbering idiots putting on stupid ads and getting the usial amount of hollywood jerks to do rediculous and brainless ads for them

  6. Mad Bluebird


  7. Carli

    Dear Dylan. Grow up, and wake up. PETA has done so much harm to animal rights it’s not even funny. They are hypocritical, dishonest, manipulative, etc. and their behaviour makes even their valid points look worthless. If I were to take PETA as my example I would assume that vegetarianism, not meat, causes mental illness.

  8. Sue

    No Dylan – we are not animal haters but PETA haters. Go back and read the post again and it might sink in!

  9. Hay

    I’m pretty sure that if the first people God created didn’t eat meat or even use the animal’s skin and bones they wouldn’t have survived. If the killing of animals for food would not take place the world would suffer even more deceases passed by animals due to the overcrowding. Maybe PETA thinks they are doing the right thing, but honestly look at their videos, how rediculous can you be, I think their shrooms got the best of them. God bless all animals big and small.

  10. Firebird

    Hey DYLAN when you go to bed put cotton in your ears to keep you pea sized brain from rolling out

  11. lawl

    PETA is for f*cktards

  12. Ce

    I didn’t even know what PETA was until I read an article about them. I kept hearing about them offending and disturbing people so I finally decided to do some research. That group is trying to brainwash our children into stop eating meat. This organization is insane. They hate meat eaters, circuses, zoos, aquariums, dog shows, pet owners, etc. Animals that are injured or have no hope surviving in the wild are put in captivity so they can LIVE. I read an article about them dumping dead cats and dogs in a dumpster behind Piggly Wiggly. An autopsy was performed on one of them and guess what? IT WAS FRIGGIN HEALTHY. I agree with everyone else. PETA is a VERY, VERY stupid organization. They’re bashing the fast food restaurants. Will they go bashing all the crafting stores because some of their yarn is sheep wool???I support the ASPCA all the way. Screw PETA.

  13. Not all animal lovers agree with everything PeTA does but they all agree with most of it, otherwise they wouldn’t be animal lovers.
    Probably no one (not even PeTA staff) agrees with everything PeTA does, and that’s perfectly normal in any organization.
    Overall they are great.

  14. JF

    I love animals, especially cows, pigs, and chickens. They taste delicious. But seriously – just because somebody eats meat doesn’t meant they don’t love animals or aren’t concerned about animal welfare.

    Animal welfare = compassionate, respectful, and humane.
    Animal rights = utterly brainless.

  15. Mad Bluebird

    Have you heard PETA is bugged becuase OBAMA swatted a fly WHAT A BUNCH OF JERKS becuase FLIES ARE PESTS

  16. Maten al toro

    PETA is the single stupidest thing ever conceived by a human being, who gives a shit about animals?

  17. Maten al toro

    Peta is ridiculous

  18. thedarwinreport

    I give a shit about animals.

  19. RC

    I agree with most points you discussed, but there is actually a lot of evidence that correlates animal and dairy products to cancer and heart disease.

  20. Ffion

    Wot the hell i know animal should be treated with respect but i think WE are more important so fuck u peta! All u do is give people nightmares. I agree that the animals should killed more humanely but were the fuck are the slauterhouses going to find the money to build flipping gas chambers?! Oh are YOU goin to give it peta? Didnt think so. Anyway it tastes nice so who cares!!!

  21. Adriano

    I used to think peta was a good organization until I tried to get them to actually help. I tried to get them to help stop a puppy mill and each time I call and finally got to speak to someone, they were very rude and quite conceited. Peta seems more like a cult to me than an animal rights group.

  22. Good discussion. Some of you may have seen this, but Ingrid Newkirk gets roasted here:

  23. Richard

    Remarkable clip. Penn & Teller roast themselves. Their credibility (on any issue) is greatly compromised because of this.

  24. Yeah, Richard, I guess you and Ingrid Newkirk are right and everyone else is wrong. You and the other moles screaming underground are not compromised, you obviously know what’s up, and Penn & Teller roast themselves…not.

    Seriously, this is both funny and head on…
    especially when Penn & Teller excoriate PETA for using Hitler and death camps in their PETA propaganda (Did you get that far? Oh, you wouldn’t compromise your peanut brain now, would you?).

    So why don’t you defile human suffering and join the animals. Strip yourself naked, parachute into the Amazon jungle w/Ingrid Newkirk, and stop compromising yourself.

  25. Martine

    Okay about them using sheep wool I read an article a bit back where they claimed that to get the wool the sheep had to be killed. Okay I live in farm country, we have fairs here where one of the big events is sheep shearing, how many dead sheep are there? hmm at last count 0. Come one how stupid can that cult get?

  26. Anonymous

    Yeah! I can’t agree with you more!

    Animal rights is by all mean a good thing.

    BUT, the practices of PETA is definitely STUPID, yeah get some nude girls wandering around to promote animal rights, that’s VERY “EDUCATIONAL”!


    Obama swatted a fly and those PETA idiots sent him a stupid humane fly catcher becuase PETA IS STUPID

  28. Nattie

    I don’t know what bothers me more, the baseless facts of the fact that peta tries to force vegan diets on animals. Dogs can handle the diet better then a cat can, being omnivores, but they still need the protein found in meat products (Though, hilarity ensues when you feed your dog peanut butter).

    Cats on the other hand are not, and when I brought this up with a some blonde and dumb as brick Peta girl about what a cat needs in a proper diet, being a pet nutritionist, and having her ask me -how- to get her cat on a vegan diet. I explained what her feline friend needs to stay healthy, and not go blind, Taurine for one. Well goody day…three months later, the poor animal is dead. She found a way to get it to be vegan yes…and fed her pet Red Bull as a taurine substitute.

    Maybe it’s not fair that I view many peta supporters as empty headed, and even animal abusers. There heart is in the right place, sadly they don’t know animal anatomy, and what a dog or cat needs for a proper diet.

    It’s not just animals however. Some may remember the court case in which a vegan couple killed their new born child, by feeding it ONLY soy milk, and apple juice.

    It’s no longer of a case of being uneducated, it’s right down to wanting to be ignorant, so they can take comfort in the fact they are saving lives. (of think they are) Moral of the story, if you wish to be Vegan, good on you, for humans there are lots of benefits, and you can take comfort in that you are doing something good for the environment. But don’t push it on your animals, that’s doing the very thing your against. And if your not willing to want an animal who is a carnivore, there are other good pet options that are also vegan friendly.

  29. Enzo

    Peta is now here in my country (The Philippines) trying to make money out of liberal fools who believe in their aims to fund their outlandish projects, protests, or probably even secret illegal projects. They say to my countrymen through the media that we should just eat vegetables, but during the time Typhoon Ondoy came and ruined the country’s rural areas, vegetables became scarce and expensive. To survive, there is nothing to eat except canned meat and fish. Would you opt for your silly beliefs when you are fighting for your lives in order to survive? Vegetables are slow growth compared to the abundance of other food sources.

    After that incident, I am convinced that Peta is nothing more than an absurd organization without no common sense whatsoever. So don’t subscribe to their “theocratic ways”, because if you do, they will force you to shove their beliefs on other people’s throats. It’s quite scary now that they are a global organization and supported by Hollywood and such.

  30. West Morley

    PETA is an angry group of sexually confused people. Jane the Lesbian Mitchell may be the very worst one of all. Eat some meat, God gave you the teeth to do it, oh that’s right most PEStA types do not believe in God either, sad folks. Go Meat!

  31. James L

    There is nothing wrong with eating animals. We have been doing it for thousands of years and unfortunately for PETA will continue to.

    I disagree with most of PETA’s uninformed, brainwashing crap but do believe animals need to be treated better. PETA should concentrate on creating better conditions for the animals (mainly chickens and Pigs) rather than try and turn people off eating meat all together.

    They should also be encouraging hunting instead of putting them in all one group of just redneck Americans. An animal that is hunted in the wild has lived a free range life and then one day it drops dead from a bullet to the head. It has not been rounded up and herded into the back of a truck and transported for days and then spent its last days watching other animals getting their throats cut. 99% of the time hunting is much better for the animals.

    PETA, stop teaching absolute crap to your brainwashed, hippy followers. You will do a lot more good for the animals if you take a different stand and try and work with people rather than fight them.

    PS: Eating a well balanced diet that includes red meat and fish will be a lot more beneficial to your health than going Vegan.

  32. Paul T.

    PETA is just stupid.
    Their existence is nothing but a blight on mankind.

  33. Peta like Westboro baptist church are filled with ignorant assholes. I hope they all die a very slow wtf painful death. I just hope a meteor comes raining down the skies, breaks off in to a million tiny pebbles and pierces all of their empty heads.

  34. Furthermore, I do not give a shit about insects.. I do not care if they have feeling or anything. I see a fly I will kill it with my fist. I see a giant spider, I’m bringing out the flamethrowers. I bug spray my garden, that’s how much I hate insects. Animals taste good :D, the only animals I will never eat are dogs, cats, other Humans, and any type of monkeys. Everything else is fair game.

  35. thedarwinreport

    Insects love you. They’re going feed on you while you’re alive and when you’re dead. Resistance is futile.


    PETA wackos once held a protest ata Burger King carrying dumb signs reading DONT EAT BABE FOR BREAKFAST if they mean that stupid JAMES CROMWELL movie then PETA are total idiots

  37. Jonathan

    I agree with “Spuring Plover”. I saw a group of PETA and as I went to Burger King, I opened the door and told me I was an animal killer. **** them! Also, I believe Tilikum should really come to end. As in his life and not his shows. At least free him.

  38. Kathryn

    Ummmmmm……… FEEDING CATS AND DOGS A VEGITERIAN DIET?!?!?! WTF! First off….Cat’s will not eat anything that is not meat prettty much. My dog hates vegitable. I’ll be damned if they make me feed them that crap. In the long run it would just end up killing the pet, so what is this going to do? I thought they were against that? Also, they were talking about farms being absolutely horrible places. “small cages, little food, little water, abused” wtf. I have been to many many farms and none of them are anything like that. Also they are against keeping rabbits outside in a rabbit hutch? seriously.? I have 5 rabbits right now and they hate being inside, which PETA said: “rabbits prefer to be inside.” lies!!!! They are being very well taken care of and they are freaking pets!!!! They act like they are 10 times more important than we are….. PETA IS GAY!!!!!!!!


    I suppose give them the chance they would be setting up saladbars in the forests so the bears,cougars, and wolves wouldnt have to eat the deer

  40. Matthew

    They don’t eat meat, that’s probaly why their brains confuse animal-rights with excessive bullshit

  41. moonlighthowler

    PETA IS FRIGGIN STUPID!!! My cat is gonna eat meat, sometimes she catches it herself, and my dog killed and ate most of my chickens. If peta thinks vegan food will make them healthy, they dont know crap. i like my pets, live on a farm, hunt, and eat meat. Oooooh im breakin peta’s rules! im shaking in my boots! Yea right, if im in trouble, they can go thru my AK47 to hurt me!

  42. jonathan6773

    Today, I saw the news that a cow got tazed by an officer for being violent and broke the fence and ran on the street. Officer tazed the cow four times and then two days later….a small group of PETA supporters were at the police hq. Stupid PETA…Protest something worthwhiling.

  43. anti vegiterian

    jucking shit, PETA

  44. moonlighthowler

    seriously. if god didnt want us to eat animals, he wouldnt have made them out of MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. christopher

    I can understand that they just want animals to be treated better, but they take it to far. What they should do is promote eating healthy substainable meat, like organic chicken, but not beef since they cut down the rainforests to make grazing areas for the cows. and beef is fatty and very stimulating to the heart. I used to fall for petas lies and there bullcrap nearly cost me most of my friends becuase i shoved it down their throats. I was a vegetarian and then a vegan but i then stopped after reading this article on bad things about being vegan. PETA is stupid, crazy, and very rude



  47. oh look at me PETA i wear baby sealskin boots

  48. Stephen

    Thank You. I support animal rights but I cringe whenever I read anything they say, It makes animal rights supporters look bad.

  49. Anonymous

    Beef is not actually bad for you at all, provided you don’t eat a huge chunk of steak every day. It seems to be a bit of a unsupported myth that it does.

  50. Nick B.

    Peta is just an extreamist libral orginization filled with idiots. Don’t get me wrong the concept seems good but they just go too far.

    “Dan Mathews, vice-president of animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, said it was “no shock at all that Steve Irwin should die provoking a dangerous animal, he deserved it” ”

    Really now? Seteve Erwin, one of the most pasonate conservationist of our generation. He inspired and informed so many people and helped so many animals. Dan Mathews was just out of line!

    What is dangerous animal anyway when you think about it?

    And for this extreamist libreal vegitarian crap is just very unnatural, you can love animals not only for what they are but what they provide. Although it’s always good to get your meat from a bettter source, a local butcher shop, local farm, or hunt for it yourself rather than a factory farm.

  51. ...

    James L is right. PETA should really stop saying that hunters are bad. Hunters are good. Hunting now a days is different then back in the day. Hunt enough to satisfy the needs of the hunter, but leave enough animals behind so that the population can grow. Not only has that but also taken care of pest and over populated animals. In the state where I live there is an overpopulation of deer. Last year an estimated 90,000 legally hunted white tailed deer were hunted in the state of Nebraska. Plus the other estimated 50,000 illegally killed deer. The deer cause big problems to farmers because they eat the farmer’s produce. So hunters are doing a good thing. Most of the money that is gathered from hunting and fishing goes to helping the environment. Most hunters aren’t sadistic, (they aren’t) they want to kill an animal and that is all they want to do, kill it, not gut it while is alive and let him die a very painful death. Trust me, you get your skull cracked (whether by a bullet, sledgehammer or some other object). You are dead before you hit the ground. Also I don’t see PETA finding ways of how to get rid of pest such as feral pigs, Burmese pythons or other introduced animals. They have to be killed and nobody know how to do that better than hunters.
    As for the feeding vegan food to your pet. If you don’t know there is a thing called evolution. Cat’s have and will always be carnivores. They are lean, mean, killing machines. And if you don’t believe that
    Experiment #1
    Objective: Studies the aftermath of what a cat can do when he is hungry and unsupervised.
    1. Grab the cutest cat you can find
    2. Don’t feed him for a day
    3. Then lock yourself with the cat in a room. Also put a lot of vegan food out there for the cat to eat.
    4. Then grab a bunch of morphine(this is important for the experiment, since there is to be no supervision)(Enough to Knock you out not enough to die).
    Hypothesis: The cat will eat you while you are sleeping.
    To whoever died on this suicidal experiment:
    Ha I told you.
    True, dogs aren’t as dependent on meat as cats are, but they are going to at least go through malnutrition, which is going to make you dog’s life hell. Isn’t that what you are against? Also dogs are truly loyal to their owner but not to other people, you get enough hunger on a dog and he will attack the first person it sees and doesn’t know. And if you don’t believe that, tell your defense against this argument to the people that got killed by feral dogs, ALL OVER THE WORLD.

  52. Arlen

    Have any of you played BATTLEFIELD 3? you know the part where you kill a rat with a combat knife because it’s biting your fingers? PETA got pissed off about that, saying that it “shocks young gamers”. It’s not graphic, and I wasn’t shocked. Just shows that they’re bloody attention whores.

  53. Disturbing

    PETA is technically doing it for a “good cause”, but their actions are deemed a bit extreme and are quite hypocritical. Any one heard of the game super meat boy for Nintendo? Well PETA’s response to that was making a game called super tofu boy. What is the point of wasting your time to respond to that? Also, PETA who has received 29,823 animals for their shelters during 1998-2010, has killed 25,840 of them. People who believe in PETA are doing it for a good reason, but need to do more research on what PETA actually stands for before becoming a “bandwagon” member of their organization. PETA also did something so extreme before in one of their protests that the government actually labelled them as terrorists. To summarize, PETA has good intentions, but it seems as though their intentions are too extreme and at times, pointless and hypocritical (as mentioned in some earlier comments above mine) to be an effective group. Either lower they have to lower their extreme standards or the government may close them down for good.

  54. Marcie

    Que chinguen a su madre PETA!! Ha ha ha ha …… Now, o know if u are Able to read and understand this u will agree! Cause I know there is no real Hispanic out there that doesn’t love some meat!

  55. Tyson

    They just made some lab meat, but it is oder less and tasteless has no fat and looks like light pink jello.

  56. pe

    To Dylan
    your stupid because peta can suck a dick and animals taste good 🙂

  57. Claire

    PETA is a very stupid organization. I agree with everything. I’m a vegetarian for medical reasons, but I eat meat on special occasions. And just because someone eats meat does not mean that they don’t love animals. I only eat chicken, beef or pork, and when I do (rarely) it tastes good! And apparently they claimed that meat eating is like the Holocaust…that was just offensive and wrong in so many ways!!! So it’s okay to eat other animals unless you are a human? Also, PETA went wild on Obama for swatting a fly in a video. WTF? Flies carry most of the world’s diseases because of all the feces they eat! They are parasites! PETA opposes everything that holds animals captive, aquariums, dog shows, pet owners, circuses; zoos…those animals would not be ALIVE if it wasn’t for them! They wouldn’t have a chance in the wild!! They also stated if animal testing can cure AIDS or cancer, they would still oppose it.
    Bottom line: PETA is run by a bunch of stupid hypocrites. They end up incinerating more animals then they save. And it’s pathetic. I support ASPCA, at least they have shelters set up.

  58. Miles

    peta is a bunch of california fruits that thing they are making a difference but just pissing the rest of the world off. yeah i said the world as in people with a life, people that have a job, and people that are not just a bunch of kids in their twenties and college dropouts living off thier parents sweet sweet money. They see one thing that kind of bugs them in their perfect beverly hills lives and act like its the most important thing in hte world. so they should just get a life and get a job. especially u dillion. what the hell r u doing up a 2 am who does that. fag


    PETA just lost its stupid lawsuit against SEA WORLD they tried to use the 13th amendment against slavery over their orcas. Looks to me like PETA has been watching too many of those stupid FREE WILLEY movies Please PETA just GO AWAY

  60. Tristan

    Oh my god you make so much sense thank you I wish you were running these organisations

  61. idgaf

    really i just think that peta is dumb…. and they should stay away from animals that are NOT real like say…. video games >_>.

  62. sunak

    I’m going to go eat a hamburger, then I’ll eat a hotdog, Then chicken,


    fuck peat

  64. John

    Maybe if those stupid hippie fucks did more than complain and whine they wouldn’t look retarted. My granddad ate meat cooked in lard or grease all his life and live to be 93. That sounds so fuckin unhealthy. These asshats are a cult just like scientologists

  65. zaley44

    I’m glad Peta exists… their reasoning may be scientifically unsound, but they serve as a useful (usually harmless) counterpoint in society. They raise good questions, but too often supply uninformed and unscientific answers.

  66. I nom-nom-nom on meat

    e a a n
    o t s i
    p i t m
    l n y a
    e g l

  67. I nom-nom-nom on meat


  68. Steak and Eggs, Steak and Eggs, all you eat for breakfast is Steak and Eggs!

    Meat tastes delicious and amazing and because PETA doesn’t like i want to track down them all and force a hamburger down their throat and then force them to drink a milkshake

  69. Kimberly McGuire

    PeTA is the worst organization in the world and I weep for their poorly used brains. I’m going to start an organization PeTI: People for the ethical Treatment of Intelligence. I shall start campaigning against blubbering idiots like PeTA at once!

  70. as soon as every one becomes a vegan like peta supposidly wants, peta is gonna get mad at us for eating the animal’s food

  71. PETA Hater

    If I try to post something on their website that even has a hint of disagreement with their views, it is taken down. PETA is violating my rights.

  72. bacon bacon yum

    PETA= People Eating Tasty Animals. PETA is so annoying. They hate anybody who has a pet and they think everyone hates animals. I love animals, but seriously PETA? You pick on everyone now. PETA even tryed to sue Nintendo for ‘Marios Racoon Suit that can fly’ and Pokemon for ‘Animal abuse’. More animals die at PETA than anywhere else. They say no ones allowed to drink milk, eat meat, or wear fur. PETA, I hope you read this. Your not helping animals by sueing people! Go get a life.

  73. Just putting this out there: Why do you think animals were made? They were likely made for food. I’m not saying that we should let all animal species go EXTINCT or anything, but… yeah. If this is true, then PETA is just going against many rights. And, guess what? They violate HUMAN rights for ANIMAL rights. That’s just not right. (No pun intended.)

  74. zaley44

    Peta- Some very good ideas (e.g. treat animals more “humanely”). But they also preach some very whacked ideas (feed you cat veggies). They deny basic, well-supported science, i.e. EONS of history and documentation of the evolution of predator-prey reationships.

    If Peta wants to argue for a new radical animal ethic- so be it- but don’t be anti-science…and don’t argue against the reality of evolution.

  75. Gordon Freeman

    I love P.E.T.A.
    Because I am a person who enjoys eating tasty animals
    props to “I nom-nom-nom on meat” for the acrostic poem

  76. Correct me if I am wrong
    Dear Caring Animal Owners,,, whom have come to the realization that PETA has gone over board
    I myself as well as every professional horse person in the U.S. and Canada have had their business ruined by PETA
    As several years ago they were responsible for the closing of processing plants of horses
    Horses who have fed Europeans, Asia, Russians etc for centuries
    PETA have gained enough strength to make almost every horse in U.S. an Canada
    At an all time low
    Horses are free ,,they are $50 to $300 for a good riding horse at auctions
    They use to be valued at $700 to $4000 and up
    Now because of the overpopulation of horses in these two countries
    Horses are of no value
    No selling, or buying is going on
    So that means that no one will bother train one, as it is only worth $50 to $300 depending on its weight
    Whether is a lame aged horse or a fat 4 yr old
    Still the same price
    They are free on the internet
    They are free at rescue centers,, Who try, but quite a few who I know personally are unsuccessful at getting donations for feed
    Now……. as horses have no value, they are being deprived of proper feed vet care etc
    Up to five yrs ago average riding horses would be sold, either privately, or at auctions, or schools
    Now they are free

    Sooooo as now there is lack of proper care. (My self included), they are starting to become a burden ,, and despite P.e.t.a’s back door governmental influence on the packaging plants
    More horses are now getting less care and more are now sent to ”Federally inspected (so as to not package toxic meat for human consumption) packaging plants in Canada and Mexico
    than ever before,,,
    They are so inexpensive that a meat scandal was just discovered in Europe, as the ground beef is actually 37% horse
    Nothing wrong with eating horse, but it needs to be tagged as that
    Soo hence more horses were being packaged, as more horses were being consumed
    I my self have been in horse buying, selling, training, trading and leasing for 40 years
    When the p.e.t.a organization stopped the production of protein for the European market
    There became an over population of horses, making horses as I said free to $400 when they use to be $900 to $4000 for an nice horse
    I myself did purchase, train, sell ,lease over 200 horses a year,
    Now due to p.e.t.a. there is no business.
    I am forced to sell my horses that I have over $10,000 in to a buyer from the horse packaging plant
    I can not pay a hydro bill, my credit cards, my indoor arenas payments, my insurance, nothing
    My home older age fund has vanished
    I am attempting to remortgage and sell at a much lower price
    As who wants a horse facility?
    Horses are worth nothing
    I’m in the midst of accounting my losses,,, to invoice P.E.T.A.
    I am sure my writings are the same as millions of other professional horse people, who have taken a bath as well. Due to PETA
    I am looking forward to sending in my invoice, for the depreciation on my business and my land
    As well as looking into a class action suit
    Other opinions are welcome
    Thank you
    Paul Garrison

    815 Belleville Road
    RR 6 Napanee ON K7R 3L1

  77. Bob

    Peta sucks


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  79. Simon Beck

    Dear, oh dear. Believing in God has nothing to do with this – I am an atheist and I despise PETA for their simplistic brainwashing tactics, especially those aimed at children – “chickens sent to slaughter are still babies” (yeah – that’s why it’s called “Kentucky Fried Poussin”). Actually I’m surprised that these morons are intelligent enough to have worked out that God is a myth.

  80. Wowzers

    Let’s face it, these animal-crazy peta dweebs should stop ramming their dumb propaganda down everyone’s throats!
    People Eating Tasty Animals: Uncompassionate losers for animals since 1980

  81. Proud Carnivore

    PETA is a bunch of stupid people that banded up together to plague the world with their stupidity.

  82. j

    lol dylan is a dumbfuck

  83. Al

    It’s not simply that veggie diets are bad for cats for causing intestinal and digestive problems. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. These diets are deadly for them. Because kitties can’t get the nutrients they need from plant sources… even if said nutrients are present in plants.

    Cats put on such diets have literally starved to death. The luckier ones were taken off that diet before dying and just suffered from nutrient defiencies, though some like blindness from taurine defiency are permanent.

    Last time I checked, starving a pet cat is a form of animal cruelty which is illegal and just plain wrong. It’s also something animal advocates are concerned about and are trying to educate people about. Way to go, PETA!! You’ve joined the ranks of the people who abuse animals. Not that I’m surprised about that…

    Anyways. If someone is that bothered by what cats eat, they should just find another pet instead. Like a rabbit.

  84. Pingback: PETA – A pseudociência e a negligência emocional em favor dos animais | Universo Racionalista

  85. CAthy Kaku

    PETA President Newkirk is it ETHICAL to have over 65 PROMOTIONAL links to leather?

    Friday on twitter Cathy Kaku asked PETA President Newkirk is it ETHICAL to have over 65 PROMOTIONAL links to leather? These links can be found through PETA’s Shopping Guide. CBC Canada and other independents are following and awaiting a response from PETA.

    If you are interested this can be found on twitter – @cathykaku1 .

  86. James T. Oudvoure

    Thank you for this well informed article. At first I thought that PETA was simply guilty of idiotic goals, but now I know that they are guilty of pseaudoscience and other denials of reality.

    Also, Dylan? Go fuck yourself you cocksucking shit-fucking faggot.

  87. Drago

    All PETA does is cause trouble. By the way, I like your dunkleosteus logo.

  88. Jagd

    Pest appear cause human lives in a comfortable environment-in general: warm shelter. Warm, comfortable, and safe environment promotes higher reproduction rate as well as survivability.
    If PETA supporters can survive 4 winters without that man-mad warm environment then I’ll be glad to support them. Other than that, F-U hypocrite suckers.

  89. Chris Jordan

    Listen anyone who believes Cathykaku is a frriggin nut! She’s a quack, a liar and pathetic

  90. ShebaDove

    PETA is nasty stupid hypocritical and no friend to animals!
    They care about 2 things money and publicity.


    Hey RC, I know someone who is on your side, but little did you know, there is more than twice as much research supporting just the opposite, so get out whatever bug is in your brain, and ditch all efforts. I am an ethical farmer, eat whatever meat is set in front of me at the dinner table, and you should too, even better, I bet this is why a bunch of people support PETA, because they are scared that the meat on their plate is going to somehow get a life, get up, and walk right out the front door. Can I get a HELL YEAH from all of the country folk like me!! >:P (This could have been so much worse, so YOU’RE WELCOME, in advance)

  92. Zelda

    Thanks to the stupidest animal-killing shenanigan in this galaxy, Ingrid Evil “Nazijerk” should be kicked out of her own dirty rotten money-hungry vegan cult AND deported to Siberia for being the world’s dumbest animal abuser. Let’s face it, no group that claims to stand for ethical treatment of animals should be run by a stupid rotten psychopathic monster who makes Cruella Deville look like a dog’s best friend!
    People Eating Tasty Animals: Ruining everything to do with animal rights since 1980

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