Spin The Wheel Of Religion, Where She Stops No One Knows

One example of the inconsistency of religion

Trapped in the recesses of the web –like hardened chewing gum stuck for eternity in the cracks of a sidewalk– are religious forums and pseudo-news organizations with URL names beginning with “faith”, “belief”, or “answers”. They’re little worlds unto themselves, and that’s the way their readers like it. They don’t spurn reality, for they create their own; the same way Las Vegas casinos don’t cheat because they make up their own rules.

At Belief.Net a dude named David Klinghoffer has chronicled his Dialogue with Atheists. He challenged atheists to explain how life can have meaning or morality without a supernatural being bestowing them upon us. Klinghoffer stretched his argument to the extreme, though, by comparing atheists to the Joker, the supreme nihilist. He forgets, though, that the Joker also loves to expose hypocrisy.

As an atheist, I’m left wondering where religious folk find their meaning and morality. Surely it’s not in any religious text; for bestsellers like the Bible and the Quran are morally ambiguous at best. They’re all things to all people. Prohibitionists, for example, used the bible to speak against the evils of alcohol; and we know how that ended. And according to which Christians of the 19th century you consult, the Bible both supports and condemned slavery. Today, if you compare the King James version of the Ten Commandments to more modern translations here’s a hint of what you’ll find: The former says Thou shall not kill; the latter say Thou shall no commit murder. How Orwellian.

Religions are not wells of meaning and morality; they’re justifications for capricious humans. Give me reason over faith any day.


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2 responses to “Spin The Wheel Of Religion, Where She Stops No One Knows

  1. Since I (unavoidably) stopped being an atheist, I have come to consider them God’s Quality Control bureau (as too many theists are afraid to talk back to the Big Guy (gender optional because God-sexing is way beyond chicken-sexing for subtlety.)) God must love atheists, having made so many of them… so I shouldn’t fuss about how hard some of you guys cling to your belief system.

    But have you seriously considered what I’m telling you: that we religious types really are onto something, just flailing in our efforts to convey (or even to understand, ourselves) what that is?

    When I had a used bookstore, and people would ask where I kept the newage, I’d point directly towards them, towards the little shelf built into their side of the counter. Invariably, they would turn around and look behind them. That’s not where to look for God.

  2. thedarwinreport

    I’m sorry, but that’s truly one of the lamest comments I’ve ever received here on my blog. Being an atheist requires rational thought, while you seem to have gone the opposite route and completely abandoned it. Fuzzy warm personal feelings aren’t a pathway to truth. You can talk to the ether all you want, but your delusions are not part of our shared reality and are therefore worthless.

    Don’t kid yourself; it sounds like you never started being an atheist, let alone stopped.

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