Channel Surfering For Creationism

This afternoon, after wasting several minutes of my life being appalled at Glenn Beck’s smarmy self-satisfied monologue on FOX News, I decided to surf the channels for some old-fashion creationism. Within a few touches of the remote button, I came across CMT (Country Music Television) –not a channel I’ve ever cared to watch before, for fear of having to hear Toby Keith sing about kicking liberals in the head with his cowboy boots.  But what I stumbled upon was a reality show called Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy. In the episode (titled, Chaffee/Hornaday) a liberal mommy from Georgia, who is also a die-hard, Star Wars fan, temporarily switched places with a mommy from a conservative Christian, Kentucky family. One particular moment stood out.

The conservative husband while driving the liberal mommy through town pointed out his family’s church as a place of interest. And that was enough to broach the subject of religion and evolution.

She said she didn’t care for churches.

He asked if she was an evolutionist.

She said yes; her family accepts science and Darwinism.

The Kentucky man then spoke up in a solemn tone and asked if he may say something on the subject. Without a thought he outright claimed there is no “absolute proof” for evolution. He knows so because his family subscribes to a Christian periodical called Creation Magazine. He then invited the liberal mommy to read it for herself –his family keeps a copy in the bathroom.

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. How beautifully appropriate.  I can see it now –the juxtaposition of the crinkled heavily-read pseudo-scientific magazine against the shine of the toilet bowl; it speaks to me like a Monet seascape. It’s perfection. And yes, I can spare a square; I mean a page.


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2 responses to “Channel Surfering For Creationism

  1. “She said yes; her family accepts science and Darwinism.”

    Perhaps if she hadn’t been so strident and ‘new atheistic’, she could have avoided alienating the poor average American. Science will never make its point by shoving proof and reason in people’s faces.

    (is my internet sarcasm about accomadationists getting through?)

  2. I admit, when I heard Mike tell me the whereabouts of the magazine, my first thought was if I ran out of toilet paper, a few pages would come in handy. Not wanting to create tension so early in our encounter (This scene occurred on our drive to the house from our meeting at the airport) I bit my tongue. Later in the drive I couldn’t resist offering the third alternative to our origins, hence my spaceman comment.

    What viewers did not see was the magazine tucked into my duffel when I arrived home. My home that is. It was found while unpacking. I laughed and tossed it in the trash. The Producer asked if I had any objections to including the scene in the final cut. No objections on my part. The scene did not make the cut. Perhaps it was a bit too real.

    The experience was wonderful. Thank God I didn’t have to go to church. *wink*

    I just found this article hence the late comment.

    Judy Hornaday – Trading Spouses Mom.

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