Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate Forgery

The hard-core birthers –the ones who are mulishly clinging to the belief that Obama was born in Kenya– are now waving  about an obvious forgery of a Kenyan, birth certificate, as proof of their conspiracy theory. Take a look at the so-called document. This is perhaps the first birth certificate I’ve seen that fails to mention any details of the baby –no weight, or race, or time of birth.  Obama’s mother was Caucasian and his father was black, and that certainly would have been recorded, especially in the 1960’s. Thousands of white Europeans were living in Kenya  –a British colony back then. A birth to a mixed-racial couple surely would not have gone unrecorded. But no section for entering race is even provided on the form. And no section is provided for the doctor’s name, signature, or office address. What’s most suspicious is the size of the paper and all the wasted space. Would a birth certificate from that time period would be printed on a full 8.5″ x 11″ sheet? –the document in question is clearly of those dimensions. My own birth certificate is a third that size. The whole point of using small paper is that printed records are traditionally stored in filing cabinets, or boxes, or large books, which take up space. So, the smaller the better. In a single lifetime, or beyond, how many times is an official, government copy of  a birth certificate going to be accessed — once or twice, or never? Searching through a filing cabinet full of 8.5″ x 11″ papers –which are generally stored horizontally –is highly inefficient, unless Kenya’s civil servants are trained to hold their heads tilted to one side for extended periods of time.

P.S.  Every popular conspiracy theory appears to contain the same contradiction. According to the theorists, the powerful conspirators are resourceful enough to orchestrate a grand lie, but not so much when it comes to keeping it a secret. They always leave a trail for the amateurs to follow. Not a very likely scenario.

All the other flaws in this forgery are listed here.


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5 responses to “Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate Forgery

  1. Santino_III

    I don’t know what Kenya’s standards were, but in this country (USA) Birth Certificates have varied in size over the years, and from state to state. My children’s BC was a small form, but mine was a large – full page – sized document (8.5 x 11). Could not Kenya’s have been the same?
    Personally, I don’t care where he was born! The “controversy” is perpetuated by BO himself. There is nothing to be gained by not revealing it, only continued speculation and controversy. I think he (BO) likes it that way!

  2. thedarwinreport

    You may be right. The republican faction that continues to talk about the conspiracy makes the whole GOP look like a party of nut-wings. The democrats may indeed want to perpetuate the silliness. However, Obama has satisfied the requirements for presidents as set down by the Federal Government. He need do no more. Conspiracy nuts don’t care about facts anyway; they’ll believe what they want regardless.

  3. Sunnstarr

    This is not a Conservative vs. Liberal issue – It is a naive and uneducated vs. informed and alarmed American issue.

    There is way too much info available on what a Natural Born Citizen is. You can also find Obama’s very first Presidential Order in PDF-format, which clearly shows his first priority was to seal up his records.

    There are also volumes of information on Kenya, his cousin Raila Odinga, the comments made by Gaddafi in Libya, birth certificates from the Hawaiian twins born 1-day after Obama and their b.c. numbers, the faked Australian b.c. that was released at lightning speed to discredit Orly’s KBC, and a story about Israel’s Mossad authenticating it, to name a few.

    Only the extremely naive, true-believers in Obama are willing to ignore his 6-month record, so far.

    Why would a U.S. President bow down to a Saudi King and receive their highest honor in the form of a gold medal, just weeks after his inauguration?

    Did any of the true-believers even listen to the apology speeches Obama gave in the Muslim world?

    How about the massive fraud that he continued under the TARP that was just a give-away to Wall Street, at the expense of everyone’s 401K?

    Oh, and he says the Stimulus, which he can’t blame on Bush, was free of Pork?!?

    He lies to the American people on a daily basis, and the media still wants to defend him?

    Please, stop with the insults between Liberals and Conservatives, Democrats and Republicans. You are both being made fools of. The rest of the world is more aware of this giant scam than we are.

    The questions you should be asking are: What do we do now? What is the real agenda behind all this? How can we educate our people to avoid having them being used to create mass violence and chaos to protect these people?

    Time to wake up America!!!!!!

  4. thedarwinreport

    Oh, and he says the Stimulus, which he can’t blame on Bush, was free of Pork?!?

    You mean that $300 stimulus check I received in the summer of 2008 was Obama’s fault? Or the bailout of the banks, and Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae in 2008 was Obama’s fault, too? Obama’s a time traveler?

    Why would a U.S. President bow down to a Saudi King and receive their highest honor in the form of a gold medal, just weeks after his inauguration?

    Yeah, George Bush would never have done that. Bush only held hands with a Saudi Prince, and did business with Saudi oil, like his father before him. No conflict there.

  5. So much energy! I think the issue has been over-blown, and that it distracts us from a whopper. I have just posted on this at: http://soozah.wordpress.com/2009/10/12/consolidation-what-the-fight-is-really-about/

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