A Creationist Clown Show From Canada

I have oodles of fondness for Canada. But I draw the line at accepting its trash. Recycle your own shit, Canada. I refer here to Ian Juby, creationist and clown extraordinaire. His claim to fame is that he’s opened a creation ‘museum’. Take the virtual tour and you’ll see that he’s using Michael Behe’s bacterial-flagellum argument for design –years after it was completely demolished. To be a creationist after all is to live in the land that time forgot. Juby’s videos are even more laughable. Talk about laying on the maple syrup thick –he addresses his audience while wearing a safari outfit, as if he’s trying to convince everyone he’s recently returned from an expedition. I think I saw him sweeping hay at the petting zoo. And I thought it was annoying when TV doctors wear scrubs on talk shows. But his level of creation argumentation is easily summed up in this one sentence.

“Do you think a frog can turn into a prince?”

Pure genius. Of course, he’s addressing a room full of children and their gullible parents. But I think the point here is that he’s attempting to indoctrinate and not educate. I cannot imagine real scientists feel the need to dress in their travel gear when they’re lecturing and they’re not actually in the field. For example, I don’t think the late biologist Ernst Mayr, who traveled the dangerous wilds of New Guinea in the 1920’s, ever spoke before a Harvard audience while wearing jungle fatigues. The Barnum-and-Baily-style antics are only necessary when the material is thin and specious. How incredibly degrading and condescending it is to watch children being treated in this fashion. Screw you, Canada, for not securing your borders.

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  1. Michael

    I’d like to ask this guy a few questions…. First, and most importantly: If he’s in Mensa… How come he’s so f–king STUPID? Secondly, Where did he train to take little tiny bits of Science and twist them to his own Chrixtain purposes, and to try to prove that his DEFECTIVE, FULL OF ERRORS bible, written by uneducated Bronze and Iron age people, is correct and that SCIENCE ITSELF is wrong? And I’ll throw in a third… Why is such a BRAIN talking to young children who obviously know nothing about SCIENCE, and apparently only have, what their parents most definately have drilled into their heads by way of chrixstian teaching….. everything wrong about the way that the World really is? Is it because he knows, with this audience. he will never be challenged? I thought so………… Mensa my ass! This guy needs someone to show him where his ass is, so he can wipe the shit from his lips!!!!!!!

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