Ken Ham: The Cartoon – Part 1

The rugged gentleman on the left is Captain Ahab (as played by actor Gregory Peck), the obsessed whaler who hunts down Moby-Dick, the great white symbolic whale. The individual on the right is Australian-born conservative Christian, Ken Ham, the crazed founder of the infamous, Kentucky creation ‘museum’. Is it just me or is there a slight similarity between the two –in appearance and obsession level? If you don’t see it, then just pretend for the sake of the cartoon.


Filed under Atheism, Christianity, Culture Warfare

4 responses to “Ken Ham: The Cartoon – Part 1

  1. thedarwinreport

    Thanks. In the next episode, I might have Dawkins water-skiing circles around Ken Ham.

  2. ken ham supporter

    that was the crappiest cartoon i have seen in my life and i have seen A LOT of cartoons.

  3. Les

    What fractures me is how come Ken Ham, an evolution denier, looks so very simian. đŸ˜€

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