Christians Shouldn’t Use Royal Wedding As Affirmation

Whenever the media highlights an event which is even remotely Christian, the pundit-believers scramble to use it as part of their theological, propaganda machine. Never mind about the details. A blogger, and self-proclaimed “philosopher and scholar of modern western religious thought, a writer and columnist,” named Dr Timothy Dalrymple sees majesty and affirmation of the Christian faith in the silliness of the British Royal Wedding of William and Kate.

You’ve got to hand it to the Brits: they know how to do pomp and circumstance. The entry of Catherine Middleton into Westminster Cathedral is something to behold… I confess: I’m a sucker for weddings.

…The Christian theology of marriage — in which two truly become one — implies that those of us who are called to marriage will only become ourselves fully and truly when we have found the one for whom we were intended.

Yes, you are a sucker for a wedding. First, a minor detail that’s not so minor if you call yourself a “scholar of modern Western religious thought.” Westminster Cathedral is the Catholic Church down the street from Westminster Abbey, the Protestant Church, where the Royal Wedding actually took place. Why would the Queen Of England, who’s the Head of the Church of England, hold the wedding in a Catholic church? Second, the Church of England is a perfunctory Christian organization filled with many closeted and open atheists. The writer Philip Pullman summed it up in a New Yorker interview — “Although I call myself an atheist, I am a Church of England atheist.”

It’s funny to look for everlasting faith in a declining organization that’s only held up by pageantry and a nod to tradition from the pensioners.


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2 responses to “Christians Shouldn’t Use Royal Wedding As Affirmation

  1. wesley weir

    I have recently acquired a computer and am finding my way (shakily)
    around a few of its wonderful possibilities.
    The question of Atheism versus Christianity interests me. I have always
    thought for myself about everything in life, and I think our existence here
    on this planet begs all sorts of questions. I remember, as a tiny child, asking
    myself the question WHERE DOES ALL THIS COME FROM AND WHY?
    I was aged about four and slept with my sister, who was slightly older.
    When we went to bed, we often chose to talk about where we came from
    and why we were here. We tried to imagine “nothingness” but could not.
    We lived at 254 St. Thomas’s Road, Preston, Lancashire, beside Preston
    Grammar School. Preston Corporation buses ran along Deepdale Road
    a short distance away and I wondered why there were such things as buses
    and tarmac and bricks and people and dogs and the sky and food….
    I think that when we are young we tend to take things for granted,
    but I never could really do this. I constantly wondered and questioned
    everything I saw. Gradually, of course, I had to accept that there is what
    there is, but I could only do this by believing there was God. I was not
    by nature a “religious” or “spiritually minded” boy, but the question of
    why we were all here and where were we all going would not go away.
    I “sensed” there had to be a reason. Somebody or something somewhere
    must have had an idea to start it somehow, or it would not exist.
    All that was more than seventy years ago! I am an old man now, and
    the wonder of it all still thrills me. I know perfectly well that there is a
    Mind behind it. When I look at any one of a thousand things in life I know
    that there is a reason for it. And when I look at a computer I know that
    many clever minds have laboured to create it and improve it over the
    years. The more I think about everything, the more obvious it seems
    to me that nothing comes from nothing—there has to be a reason and a
    purpose for everything. I can not understand all this any more than I
    can understand the workings of a computer but after a long lifetime of
    thinking about it I feel I know that there is a Creator who has in some
    amazing and mysterious way had the idea of this world and the whole
    Creation, otherwise it would not exist.
    I have enjoyed so many wonderful things in life–great music,
    superb natural beauty, architecture, creativity, people, animals,
    the joys of half a century of loving marriage and the realisation that
    (in my opinion) there is a life to come which will answer all the questions
    and lift us to a new understanding of all that in this life is a mystery….

  2. Has the Darwin Report moved, or perhaps sadly, moved on?

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