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Rick Warren Lies… To Himself?

(For those few who care, I’m blogging again after a really long party celebrating Obama’s win. What a hangover. But what spurred me back into typing mode is that perpetual look of stupidity on Pastor Rick Warren’s face. Many Christian leaders appear to be infected with plastic smiles and looks of mental vacuity.)

Bozo-the-pastor Rick Warren was recently caught lying about his previous support of proposition 8, the anti-gay-marriage proposition which passed last November. But what’s most bothersome to me here is the lying, not his misguided feelings on gay marriage. What interests me is his mindset. Is he lying to us, or is he lying to himself? Part of being a religious drone seems to be the ability to lie to oneself, to twist reality into convenient shapes. He may actually believe his own propaganda, or he may be an opportunistic sleazeball who sees that most Americans are more tolerant than he supposed. Me thinks he’s a sleazeball.


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