Florida Republicans Denounce Science

Alan Hays - Retired Dentist

Take a good long look at the dim-witted fool in the above picture. He just turned Florida into an international joke. His name is Alan Hays.

A nebulous bill that allows teachers “to poke holes in the theory of evolution” passed in the Florida House. The bill passed 71-43. The full story can be read in the Miami Herald.

State Rep. Alan Hays, the republican who sponsored the bill, commented:

That’s a fancy way of saying it allows the teachers, without fear, to expose the holes in the scientific theory of evolution, No fossils have been found and no witness has ever seen one species turn into another. This is only a theory. [emphasis added]

Alan Hays is a retired dentist. The reasons given for the legislation were “to protect teachers’ jobs” and to ensure “academic freedom”.

Asked which teachers fear that teaching the ”holes” in evolution will lead to trouble, Hays acknowledged he didn’t have any names. ”This is being done as a preventive measure,” Hays said.

I know where I’m not spending my next vacation. If you want to voice your opinion to the Florida Board Of Tourism, GO HERE.

If you want to support the Florida Citizens For Science, GO HERE.

Perhaps Alan Hays D.D.S. will comment on string theory next.



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4 responses to “Florida Republicans Denounce Science

  1. Lola

    No fossils? Well, my nephews live in Florida and their mother sends them to a nutter school that for human anatomy class has questions the test like, “Why did God create your pancreas?” Let’s just a create a nation that can no longer do biology as a science because its students don’t understand evolution…

  2. They could just answer that he didn’t create it 🙂

  3. renl67

    While Dr. Hays is undeniably wrong about evolution, ad hominem attacks on him personally are not the way to deal with it or with his proposed legislation.

    Unless you want to refer to Albert Einstein as “that patent office clerk.” Being from humble beginnings doesn’t prevent you from accomplishing great things. It’s just that in this case, Dr. Hays hasn’t done that.

  4. thedarwinreport

    Einstein may have had humble beginnings, but they were education based, not bible based. People like Hays care nothing for education, only for training and adherence to a conservative Christian worldview. And making fun of idiots is perfectly acceptable, unless you can point to something Hays said that is scientifically accurate.

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